Terms of Purchase for Template and Template Instruction

  1. All sales are final. Refunds are only given at the discretion of the site owner and are not guaranteed.
  2. If a refund is to be given, it can only be given BEFORE installation of the template site. If the site has already been installed, refund options are void.
  3. All four template instruction hours must be completed WITHIN 30 DAYS of template installation date. Otherwise all untaught hours will be forfeited.
  4. Purchaser must allow the WWC agent access to their web hosting service in order for site installation to occur. Some form of login that allows access to the file manager and the SQL databases will need to be provided before installation.
  5. All installed programming by WWC is guaranteed to be malware and adware free at the time of installation. Any malicious file contaminants that may show up after installation is the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchase of the product constitutes acceptance of this term. All liability against WWC or its agents is hereby released.
  6. Instruction only includes tutorials on installed programs and plugins. Education on any plugin or programming added later is not included in the initial template tutorials. Additional instruction can be purchased separately.
  7. Site template is UNBRANDED. The template site includes only placeholder images, default colors and fonts, and temporary copy. Demo branding or anything other than temporary copy is not included.


You, the purchaser, understand that once the template site is installed, and the template instruction is finished, the rest of your website completion is up to you. Finalizing your site to match your company branding, and replacing temporary copy in all pages and posts, is your responsibility.

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